Best Public Elementary, Middle and High Schools in Brevard County

  Welcome to the beautiful Brevard County, Florida! It is an exciting feeling to be moving to the well known Space Coast. Finding a quality home is one step ( that we would love to help you with), and the next would be finding a perfect school for your little ones.

  Because there are many options in the area, it can be overwhelming sorting through the pros and cons of each school. Your little one is special. Meaning they deserve the best school possible and in the safest area possible. 

   According to SafeWise, Brevard county alone had three cities make the top 20 list! That is impressive! The cities that made the cut were Satellite Beach, Melbourne Beach, and Indian Harbour. Now, without further adieu, let us get into these spectacular schools, starting with elementary.


Best Public Elementary Schools in Brevard County

  Elementary school seems to be far down the ladder in means of education; things seem so simple to us adults. The reality is that elementary school is one of the most influential experiences in humans starting years. During this time, children develop independence from being away from their families and act on their own accord.

   The beginning of your child's learning journey is essential, and you want to be sure they are reaching their maximum potential!


#1 Freedom 7 Elementary School of International Studies

 The Freedom 7 Elementary School of International Studies holds the rating as one of the number one public schools in Brevard County on many different ranking sites. According to, tests scored from Freedom 7 are far above the state average, which suggests that the students and teachers at this school are performing well above the standard. This school is located at 400 4th St. S Cocoa Beach, FL 32931.

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#2 Quest Elementary School

Quest Elementary School stands alongside Freedom Elementary in terms of test scores and improvement over each school year. They also offer an outstanding after school program for the students who need extra help or parents who need a helping hand.


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#3 Robert L. Stevenson Elementary

  RL Stevenson Elementary is another well-rated public elementary school in Brevard County. This school has held its place in the top 2% of all schools in Florida for the past 19 years and is nationally ranked among the top 100 schools here in the United States. They are no stranger to exceeding expectations when it comes to comparisons against the state average and genuinely prepare their students for success!

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Best elementary, middle, and public schools in brevard county

Best Public Middle Schools in Brevard County

  The main goal behind middle school is developing study habits, a yearning to learn and embrace education. It is, of course, essential to maintain good grades in school, but the main focus is to prepare the students for the many hours of homework and studying high school requires.

#1 Delaura Middle School

    Delaura Middle School was established in 1965 and continues to exceed expectations in terms of education and extracurricular activities. One of the most impressive aspects I noticed during my extensive research was that many parents attended, then stayed in the area or moved back just so their children could also attend; I do not think it gets better than that. 

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#2 John F. Kennedy Middle School

   There are so many good things said about John F. Kennedy Middle School. The main advantage being the passion each teacher has at the school. Teachers at John F. Kennedy are known for a constant state of enthusiasm, dynamic teaching, and being genuinely interested in the subject at hand. The school also offers Cambridge and AVID programs to qualifying students as well as advanced STEM coursework.

#3 Herbert Hoover Middle School

   Herbert Hoover Middle's stats back up the hype behind it. They ranked 73% better than other middle schools in Florida, and 3rd among 11 ranked middle schools in Brevard County. Many parents have commented on the effective 504 programs they provide for students with a 504 plan. The school is also known for its music and science programs.

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Best elementary, middle, and high schools in brevard county

Best Public High Schools in Brevard County

  Your babies are going to high school! What a strange time, friends who drive, parties, continually asking for spending money. These next four years will be quite a roller coaster ride for you and your family. Choosing a proper high school for your child is a significant factor in the success they will see later in life; it is important to surround them with positive influences. I can personally attest to the statement that a good teacher will produce an excellent student.

#1 Westshore High School

   Westshore High School is a moderately well-known school; they have maintained their spot in the top 100 schools in the nation and are moving up higher every year. The school is known for its challenging environment and teachers who always empower their students to be the absolute best they can be. Not only are they in the top 100 in the nation, but they were also the only high school in Florida to win a Blue Ribbon award in 2013! That's impressive! Alumni and parents have also mentioned feeling overly prepped for college life after attending this award-winning school.

#2 Edgewood High School

  Edgewood High is a bit different from other schools; it focuses more on academics as opposed to sports. Many of the students who attend have gone on to Ivy League colleges, and 96% of students are pursuing college or vocational school. The school has a 100% graduation rate, which is fantastic. The classes with the highest passing standards include ( but are not limited to) Algebra, Civics, and Biology. Edgewood was also awarded a blue ribbon and is said to have an outstanding drama department.

#3 Cocoa Beach High School

   Known for its great IB programs, Cocoa Beach High deserves its spot on this list. If you don't know what an IB program is, it is the opportunity to take college-level courses to have the chance to earn college credits before you even start. They have a 94% graduation rate alongside 83% of its students pursuing college or vocational school. Fun fact, around 2013, a group of students presented a dog park to the commissioner, it was accepted, and now many dogs are running around the Lori Wilson dog park in Cocoa! 

  I hope this article helped you out in choosing the perfect school for your little ones! Every school is different and has a different mission, but at least you can have peace of mind knowing that moving to Brevard County gives you many choices for great school options. Consider what interests your child and go from that there, a great school experience will prepare your children for the real world (and the real world is not easy). Don't forget to check out the homes for sale near your school of choice, and if there is no link, come back and check for an update or contact MAXlife Realty for help finding you a quality home in Brevard County.

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